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We are currently accepting 1-2 new players into the group. Please email me at or Skype me as gmjnelson871 if you are interested in joining.

Greetings! This will be a custom GURPS 4ed fantasy campaign. The game will take place biweekly on a weekday night around 5/6 PST on Our projected first game is Thursday January 17th at 5:30pm PST. If you have a conflict with that day or time let me know, I want everyone to be able to make each session so will be flexible, other then I can not GM Friday or Saturday.

In the world of Trifourian, mankind has recently invaded the continent from lands unknown. The noble race of dwarfs have been enslaved and the other denizens seemingly vanished. Dark forests and forbidding mountains dominate the landscape as humanity struggles to survive along the plains and foothills they have dared to explore. Humans have split into three kingdoms that border on war. A kingdom of warrior invaders rule the northern foothills, hunting down and destroying all magic and enslaving the natives of Trifourian. In the southern plains, wizards research the secrets of the universe and exploit what they can from those they have conquered. A small group has formed in secret to fight the tyranny of the other two kingdoms and make peace with those who still rule in the secret places of the land. Danger lurks every where and the world remains largely unexplored by it’s new residents. Secret societies, alliances, and racial tensions threaten conflict at the slightest provocation and the fate of the world teeters on the edge of a blade. Join us as either a Human, Dwarf, or Elf and help control the destiny of Trifourian while exploring an ever growing world.

GURPS Fantasy: The World of Trifourian

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