GURPS Fantasy: The World of Trifourian

First Game

Our adventures begin at the Stone Spring Inn in the village of Slitne. The aventures meet by chance in a crowded smokey tavern. With only a single table available thy are thrown together by chance. When a local ruffian insults Hrothburt the dwarf, Crim steps in and intimidates the bully into abandoning his fun.

A short wile later, the party becomes aware that the tavern owners wife, Tilde, seems to be upset but is unwilling to reveal the root of her sorrow. As concerned citizens, Crim and Jack approach the inn keep, Asger Mortenson, and convince him to share his worries. Asger spins a tale about a group of rough soldiers from Fumeguard who have threatened to take his daughter to Fumeguard on charges of witch craft when she refused their advances. When he and his wife awoke in the morning their daughter Inge and the band of soldiers were gone.

The party is swayed by the dispair in Asger’s voice and agrees to retrieve his daughter if they can. After a day of tracking the soldiers through the sharp eyes of C’ael the party follows the track off the road to Fumeguard and out into the rolling plains.

As night begins to fall C’ael’s sharp eyes catch a glimpse of a fire coming form amongst a group of stones. Upon further examination the party discovers the band of soldiers at their camp. The girl is nowhere to be seen but crying can be heard from somewhere in the camp. C’ael successfully downs one of the guards with his first shot and so the battle begins.

Hrothbert, inflamed by the injustice of the girls kidnapping charges the nearest century, attacking with his lowly shiv. In a vain attempt to maintain surprise, Jack attempts to convince the soldiers that Hrothbert is nothing more then a disobedient slave. His attempts fail and a full fledged battle breaks out.

Crim successfully sneaks into the camp and locates the girl but has the fingers of his left hand broken as he peaks under the tent wall.

Soldiers fall like autumn leaves before the party and C’ael’s wolf familiar frightens off the soldiers horses. It is here we leave our party of brave adventurers. The battle to be won or lost in our next episode.


JustinNelson JustinNelson

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