GURPS Fantasy: The World of Trifourian

Memories of Canan Quinn'ael

The World has changed. Wilderness was replaced by cities, towns and villages of Men, the new species, that came and settled in my world.

Traveling trought the areas, known to me from the past, was like exploring a totaly new realm. During my, to be ethernal, journeys I had to be carefull and avoid Men as much as possible. So I observed them from a safe distance, studied their ways and tried to understand, how is that possible, that in such a short period of time they managed to enslave whole Dwarven race of crafters and artisans, as well as push my folk to the dakness of forests and forgetfullnes, forcing my folk to become just a myth.
I found out that the main trait of Humanity is Ignorance. When they don’t understand or are not able to explain something, they either exterminate it or force themselves to belive that it’s not real, like Elves. By observing and listening to Humans I found out that in their common lore, Elves don’t exist. Well, if Elves don’t exist, then I could be easily confused for a exotic looking, perky Human. That tought pushed me forward and I started to visit some smaller villages, usualy sat myself into some dark corner of a pub or inn and watched them.

Thanks to Karolines teaching, I was able to understand what they are talking about, what are the main concerns of the common human folk and how do they see themselves in my world and how do they look at us Elves, creatures of myths and fairy-tales, or Dwarves, now just a slaves obeyed to serve them. Karoline never told me much about her people, she was always so fascinated by our ways of life, that she totlay lost interest in talking about her people. Mayebe she forced herself to forget because of what happened to her, before I found her and brought her to my home.

One of those sneaky visits of the human places then started this journey…

Sitting in a dark corner of an inn in Slitne, a small village located on a border of two new Human kingdoms, I failed to avoid a company of another people. Unfortunately, for me, the place was so packed, that several Humans gathered around my table and even when the inn emptied, they stayed… Thats how I got to know Crim, Jack, Douglas and Hrothberg. Crim, flamboyant and nosy swashbuckler, somehow managed to promise to a local barkeep, that WE will help him to find his kidnapped daughter and bring her back home. I m still a little puzzled how he convinced me to joind this, for me absolutely uninteresting, quest but there we were, on the road. Me, tracking the group of Fumegardians that supposedly kidnaped barkeeps daughter, and my new motley group of companions. Douglas, taciturn warrior, Crim, flamboyant swashbuckler, Jack, too-far-away-from-home HUman whelp, and Hrothberg, Dwarven escaped slave dressed basicaly in rags armed only with a shiv.
It was not a hard task to track down the squad of the Fumaguardians and take them by suprise. After a few seconds the ambush was over, their horses fleeing and barkeeps daughter safe. Few minor injuries on our side, but nithing serious. Mayebe except of Crims cripled hand which he got stamped on, while trying to sneak into one of tents, where he supposed to find the girl to be rescued.
I was about to get something out of the loot from kidnapers and just leave the party… But once again the destiny had a different opinion on my future journeys.
When we got back to the inn and gloriously brought back the barkeeps daughter, some kind of Crims “friend” approached us and arranged a very secret meeting in his room. When we gathered there, he gave Crim some instructions about his next mission, and proposed to us to join. I was convinced by a fact, that he quite easily unwraped my real identity and I was left with two options. Either try to kill that man and then the rest of the people in the room, or chose to thrust him and join this motley group of Humans on their new quest.
We were about to travel to Stromsok, meet yet another contact there and follow new instructions …
Yet another thing happened before we got a chance to leave the place. Jacks father, Charmont, showed up and sent poor Jack back home, replacing him in our group. Jack was apparently too young to be just “adventuring” and should better attend to his school obligations and responsibilities.

So there we were, on the road, once again. This time it was me, Crim, Douglas, Charmont and Hrothbert …


Great story Vaclav. I really like how you brought your character into the events the party has gone through.

Memories of Canan Quinn'ael
JustinNelson Stigant

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