GURPS Fantasy: The World of Trifourian

Memories of Canan Quinn'ael part III

Char woke us up in the middle of the night, about three hours before my watch time, saying we are in danger. We barely managed to ready our weapons when I spotted four masked persons sneaking above us under the ceiling of the barn… I barely had a chance to shout a warning before they began their ambush.

The fight was quick and lethal. I cut one down with my blade while Hrothbert took care of second one, getting supported by Chars magic. Crim, facing two opponents, has got injured badly and went down before we had a chance to come to support him. Hrothbert and I incapacitated one of Crims opponents and the second one turned to run. Crim was bleeding badly so Char and Hrothbert, who was injured as well, decided to attend to take care of his injuries, while I went after the last one. I chased him down, outside the barn, and finished him off mercilessly. It was there, over the dead body of the last ambushers, where I met Douglas, who missed out the whole encounter.
What he was doing, where he was and why he wasn’t in the barn with us when we have been ambushed I really don’t know, neither it mattered at the moment. He helped me to drag the dead body back to the barn, where Hrothbert and Char managed to stabilize Crim and were about to question the survivor.

Interogating the ambusher that survived turned out to be a los of time. He just didn’t speak, at all. Torturing during interodation is out of question for me, so I finished him off with one merciful blow. Investigating the bodies, on the other hand, brought at least some information about our ambushers. Douglas recognized a mark they were bearing on their shoulders, but was not able to recall any detailed information about it, so Char made a drawing of the mark on a piece of parchment for later research.
Then we piled up the dead bodies in one corner of the barn and covered them , with an intention to get lost from the village before villagers get a chance to find the dead bodies. The rest of the night we spend resting and sleeping, gathering energy for tomorrows journey.
In the morning, the bodies were gone … just a small pile of dust in the corner of the barn remained.

Crim wasn’t in shape good enough to continue traveling yet and Hrothbert decided to stay with him. So we (except for me) accepted an invitation to mayors house for a breakfast, gave our gratitude for hospitality to the mayor and his family, left Crim and Hrothbert in their care for now and departed from Avsjkaverc.

And there we were, on the road once again. This time only me, Char and Douglas, heading to the Stormsock…


JustinNelson Stigant

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