GURPS Fantasy: The World of Trifourian

Memories of Canan Quinn'ael part IV

The rest of our journey to Stromsock went easy and peacefully. We left Avsjkaverec village in the morning and during the first few miles of walking a decision was made to avoid the road and any other settlements, to conceal our curent location and lower the odds to be ambushed again. At least untill we get to the city. At the end of the day we set a camp between the road from Gard (which we avoided) to Stromsok bridge and the lake. When scouting the area around our camp I managed to shoot a pretty fat duck, which Char skillfully seasoned and cooked using his magical abilities.
While we were resting and enjoying the dinner, talking and debating about everything what happened to us so far and what probably awaits us at Stromsok, an army messenger on a horse wandered into our little camp. I heard him comming so I hid myself at the bush with a bow ready, while Char and Douglas invited him to join us. He turned out to be a human whelp with a quite good nose, because apparently the smell of out dinner brought him to us. I would have never guess that humans have such good nose, that’s something to remember. Otherwise he seemed to me barely old enough to run around by himself, so I estimated him to be no thread. I put my weapon away and revealed myself. Ignorance is bliss, this poor boy could have been already dead, he had no clue who we really are and even thought he just sat there barely paying attention to me, appearing in the middle of the camp out of nowhere. He didn’t talk much, ate the duck we offered him and went to sleep. During our sentry shifts my curiosity took over and I decided to find out more about this messenger and especially what message is he carrying and where to. Stealing the message from saddle bag and then putting it back was a piece of cake. The message itself was a request of reinforcements for the battle at The Northern front, which, at that time, didn’t make any sense to none of us. It didn’t say whom is it to be delivered neither any other details. So we gave our farewell to the messenger in the morning and split, us continuing to Stromsok and him delivering the message …
Next day around a noon our motley group finally reached the Stormsok gates. Char introduced himself, presented his signet ring and they, let us in not giving us any trouble, even thought I was wearing a cape and my face was hidden and Douglas, whoever he is, is obviously not from anywhere around. Which just ring a little bell in my head: “who the hell is Douglas and where is he from? How he managed to avoid any attention to his person from rest of us so far?”

Well, hopefully I’ll find out soon … Maybe during our visit of Stromsok …


JustinNelson Stigant

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