GURPS Fantasy: The World of Trifourian

Char's Journal Day 15
From my vantage point I could see things were going sour, quickly. I couldn’t understand the words, but I understand raised weapons. I prepared to exit my rodent form, when we heard rumbling in the distance. The elves wasted no time in packing their few valuables and scurrying out of the camp faster then anyone else realized what was happening. Arlin caught up to us and I climbed his shoulder to get a better look, when we saw a horde of some sort of reptiles rushing towards the Trading, and a small group coming for the camp we occupied. I reverted back to human form, surprising the elf, and we prepared for an attack. As we formed up, I noticed Douglas was nowhere to be found. I quickly prepared a fireball, while Cael notched an arrow and Arlin cast a spell. I was to busy to notice what he cast, but I later found it to be a form of grease, when the reptilians arrived.

As the creatures began to pour into the camp, Cael summoned a giant cat, the likes if which I’ve never seen. He loosed an arrow into one, and I hurled an explosive fireball, damaging a few. Arlin was unable to penetrate their armor, and had to switch tactics. Douglas arrived soon after the battle began, unaware of anything that was happening, but luckily he realized we were fighting for our lives, and dispatched the closest lizards. A couple more fireballs, and some blows from my companions, and the lizards were dead.

We emerged from the camp to see the remaining lizards fleeing the Trading, arms full of goods. We raced back to assist in whatever ways we could. One of the surviving dwarves offered to lead us to a Loremaster, which we accepted. Turns out the closest Loremaster was a Centaur, a creature that looks like a bad experiment involving horses and men.

We arrived at the Centaur village to find it ransacked, presumably by those lizards. Cael spotted some tracks which lead to a river. I teleported myself and Douglas across, only to be met by a hail of arrows. I was able to blink away, and Douglas managed to dodge. The others had hardly forded half the river when we heard “STOP!” and three Centaurs emerged from the woods. They asked us what we were doing here, and we calmly explained that we were searching for a Loremaster. One of the beasts grunted and a very old and obviously injured Centaur exited the woods. I knew this was our only chance to find out what we needed to know, so I rushed forward to help the… man? I assessed and healed his broken leg and he then offered us the information we sought- that we had to travel across a desert and speak with the Avariel. Probably another half-man half-goat half-monster. It was our only choice, so we made camp with the centaurs and set out in the morning…

Memories of Canan Quinn'ael part V: Stormsok

under construction, C’aels memories of events in Stromsock are a little blury, since this was his firs time in Human City of this size.

Memories of Canan Quinn'ael part IV

The rest of our journey to Stromsock went easy and peacefully. We left Avsjkaverec village in the morning and during the first few miles of walking a decision was made to avoid the road and any other settlements, to conceal our curent location and lower the odds to be ambushed again. At least untill we get to the city. At the end of the day we set a camp between the road from Gard (which we avoided) to Stromsok bridge and the lake. When scouting the area around our camp I managed to shoot a pretty fat duck, which Char skillfully seasoned and cooked using his magical abilities.
While we were resting and enjoying the dinner, talking and debating about everything what happened to us so far and what probably awaits us at Stromsok, an army messenger on a horse wandered into our little camp. I heard him comming so I hid myself at the bush with a bow ready, while Char and Douglas invited him to join us. He turned out to be a human whelp with a quite good nose, because apparently the smell of out dinner brought him to us. I would have never guess that humans have such good nose, that’s something to remember. Otherwise he seemed to me barely old enough to run around by himself, so I estimated him to be no thread. I put my weapon away and revealed myself. Ignorance is bliss, this poor boy could have been already dead, he had no clue who we really are and even thought he just sat there barely paying attention to me, appearing in the middle of the camp out of nowhere. He didn’t talk much, ate the duck we offered him and went to sleep. During our sentry shifts my curiosity took over and I decided to find out more about this messenger and especially what message is he carrying and where to. Stealing the message from saddle bag and then putting it back was a piece of cake. The message itself was a request of reinforcements for the battle at The Northern front, which, at that time, didn’t make any sense to none of us. It didn’t say whom is it to be delivered neither any other details. So we gave our farewell to the messenger in the morning and split, us continuing to Stromsok and him delivering the message …
Next day around a noon our motley group finally reached the Stormsok gates. Char introduced himself, presented his signet ring and they, let us in not giving us any trouble, even thought I was wearing a cape and my face was hidden and Douglas, whoever he is, is obviously not from anywhere around. Which just ring a little bell in my head: “who the hell is Douglas and where is he from? How he managed to avoid any attention to his person from rest of us so far?”

Well, hopefully I’ll find out soon … Maybe during our visit of Stromsok …

Memories of Canan Quinn'ael part III

Char woke us up in the middle of the night, about three hours before my watch time, saying we are in danger. We barely managed to ready our weapons when I spotted four masked persons sneaking above us under the ceiling of the barn… I barely had a chance to shout a warning before they began their ambush.

The fight was quick and lethal. I cut one down with my blade while Hrothbert took care of second one, getting supported by Chars magic. Crim, facing two opponents, has got injured badly and went down before we had a chance to come to support him. Hrothbert and I incapacitated one of Crims opponents and the second one turned to run. Crim was bleeding badly so Char and Hrothbert, who was injured as well, decided to attend to take care of his injuries, while I went after the last one. I chased him down, outside the barn, and finished him off mercilessly. It was there, over the dead body of the last ambushers, where I met Douglas, who missed out the whole encounter.
What he was doing, where he was and why he wasn’t in the barn with us when we have been ambushed I really don’t know, neither it mattered at the moment. He helped me to drag the dead body back to the barn, where Hrothbert and Char managed to stabilize Crim and were about to question the survivor.

Interogating the ambusher that survived turned out to be a los of time. He just didn’t speak, at all. Torturing during interodation is out of question for me, so I finished him off with one merciful blow. Investigating the bodies, on the other hand, brought at least some information about our ambushers. Douglas recognized a mark they were bearing on their shoulders, but was not able to recall any detailed information about it, so Char made a drawing of the mark on a piece of parchment for later research.
Then we piled up the dead bodies in one corner of the barn and covered them , with an intention to get lost from the village before villagers get a chance to find the dead bodies. The rest of the night we spend resting and sleeping, gathering energy for tomorrows journey.
In the morning, the bodies were gone … just a small pile of dust in the corner of the barn remained.

Crim wasn’t in shape good enough to continue traveling yet and Hrothbert decided to stay with him. So we (except for me) accepted an invitation to mayors house for a breakfast, gave our gratitude for hospitality to the mayor and his family, left Crim and Hrothbert in their care for now and departed from Avsjkaverc.

And there we were, on the road once again. This time only me, Char and Douglas, heading to the Stormsock…

Memories of Canan Quinn'ael part II

We departed from Slitne early in the morning of next day. Following a road to the south-east, we traveled in silence. Lost in my thoughts and not used to travel in company, I advanced ahead of the rest of the group. It was about at noon when I realized I should wait for my new companions. So I slowed down and we rejoined on the road a little later, just to encounter a caravan of slavers coming from opposite direction. We were about to pass them in silence, keeping a low profile. But the leader of the caravan noticed our Dwarf companion and offered to purchase Hrothbert. The offer was put from a position of strength, basically not giving any other option or expecting denial. Suddenly, the whole situation has gotten quite tense. Douglas, hand on a handle of his sword, stepped forward. Hrothbert drew his shiv. I was ready to draw as well … This could have gone bad, very bad actually. We were outnumbered by the slavers almost three to one and open fights are really not my strong suit.

“This particular Dwarf is not to be sold. He’s in service as my personal body-guard and quite too loyal to me. There is simply no price I would consider sufficient, not mentioning that he would probably not accept any other master, becoming more trouble for you than possible profit.”
Crim calmly stepped in front of ready to fight Douglas and Hrothbert as he spoken, looking the leader right in the eyes. The leader, quite surprisingly to me, just snorted as he turned away from us, cracked a whip and the caravan started moving again, leaving us on the road.

After a short talk about possibility to ambush the caravan later in a night and setting the dwarven slaves free, Char and me managed to convince the rest of the party that it’s not a very good idea and considering that we need to stick to the plan and be at Stormsock in time, even Hrothbert agreed and we hit the road again.

At late evening of the same day we finally arrived to Avsjkaverc, another small willage, where we were about to have some rest …

At the night of our arrival to Avsjkaverc, the willage was in the middle of harvest celebration. We melded in almost unnoticed, until Crim and Char decided to let local folk know that they have visitors. Mayor of the willage turned out to be very hospitable man. He invited us to join the celebration, shared meal with us and then offered a barn to spend a night, since there is no inn in this small farm willage. I sat myself on side, watching them celebrating and carousing I found myself lost in thoughts again…
These Humans really are a strange species. They wage wars over a territory to burn down forests, rape the earth with steel and then celebrate, when she, damaged and in pain, gives them back plants and food… chm …

When the celebration was over, we moved to the barn to spend a night. Some watch order was set and Char cast a protective incantation to alert him in case of any incoming danger, which turned out to save our lives later that night …

Memories of Canan Quinn'ael

The World has changed. Wilderness was replaced by cities, towns and villages of Men, the new species, that came and settled in my world.

Traveling trought the areas, known to me from the past, was like exploring a totaly new realm. During my, to be ethernal, journeys I had to be carefull and avoid Men as much as possible. So I observed them from a safe distance, studied their ways and tried to understand, how is that possible, that in such a short period of time they managed to enslave whole Dwarven race of crafters and artisans, as well as push my folk to the dakness of forests and forgetfullnes, forcing my folk to become just a myth.
I found out that the main trait of Humanity is Ignorance. When they don’t understand or are not able to explain something, they either exterminate it or force themselves to belive that it’s not real, like Elves. By observing and listening to Humans I found out that in their common lore, Elves don’t exist. Well, if Elves don’t exist, then I could be easily confused for a exotic looking, perky Human. That tought pushed me forward and I started to visit some smaller villages, usualy sat myself into some dark corner of a pub or inn and watched them.

Thanks to Karolines teaching, I was able to understand what they are talking about, what are the main concerns of the common human folk and how do they see themselves in my world and how do they look at us Elves, creatures of myths and fairy-tales, or Dwarves, now just a slaves obeyed to serve them. Karoline never told me much about her people, she was always so fascinated by our ways of life, that she totlay lost interest in talking about her people. Mayebe she forced herself to forget because of what happened to her, before I found her and brought her to my home.

One of those sneaky visits of the human places then started this journey…

Sitting in a dark corner of an inn in Slitne, a small village located on a border of two new Human kingdoms, I failed to avoid a company of another people. Unfortunately, for me, the place was so packed, that several Humans gathered around my table and even when the inn emptied, they stayed… Thats how I got to know Crim, Jack, Douglas and Hrothberg. Crim, flamboyant and nosy swashbuckler, somehow managed to promise to a local barkeep, that WE will help him to find his kidnapped daughter and bring her back home. I m still a little puzzled how he convinced me to joind this, for me absolutely uninteresting, quest but there we were, on the road. Me, tracking the group of Fumegardians that supposedly kidnaped barkeeps daughter, and my new motley group of companions. Douglas, taciturn warrior, Crim, flamboyant swashbuckler, Jack, too-far-away-from-home HUman whelp, and Hrothberg, Dwarven escaped slave dressed basicaly in rags armed only with a shiv.
It was not a hard task to track down the squad of the Fumaguardians and take them by suprise. After a few seconds the ambush was over, their horses fleeing and barkeeps daughter safe. Few minor injuries on our side, but nithing serious. Mayebe except of Crims cripled hand which he got stamped on, while trying to sneak into one of tents, where he supposed to find the girl to be rescued.
I was about to get something out of the loot from kidnapers and just leave the party… But once again the destiny had a different opinion on my future journeys.
When we got back to the inn and gloriously brought back the barkeeps daughter, some kind of Crims “friend” approached us and arranged a very secret meeting in his room. When we gathered there, he gave Crim some instructions about his next mission, and proposed to us to join. I was convinced by a fact, that he quite easily unwraped my real identity and I was left with two options. Either try to kill that man and then the rest of the people in the room, or chose to thrust him and join this motley group of Humans on their new quest.
We were about to travel to Stromsok, meet yet another contact there and follow new instructions …
Yet another thing happened before we got a chance to leave the place. Jacks father, Charmont, showed up and sent poor Jack back home, replacing him in our group. Jack was apparently too young to be just “adventuring” and should better attend to his school obligations and responsibilities.

So there we were, on the road, once again. This time it was me, Crim, Douglas, Charmont and Hrothbert …

First Game

Our adventures begin at the Stone Spring Inn in the village of Slitne. The aventures meet by chance in a crowded smokey tavern. With only a single table available thy are thrown together by chance. When a local ruffian insults Hrothburt the dwarf, Crim steps in and intimidates the bully into abandoning his fun.

A short wile later, the party becomes aware that the tavern owners wife, Tilde, seems to be upset but is unwilling to reveal the root of her sorrow. As concerned citizens, Crim and Jack approach the inn keep, Asger Mortenson, and convince him to share his worries. Asger spins a tale about a group of rough soldiers from Fumeguard who have threatened to take his daughter to Fumeguard on charges of witch craft when she refused their advances. When he and his wife awoke in the morning their daughter Inge and the band of soldiers were gone.

The party is swayed by the dispair in Asger’s voice and agrees to retrieve his daughter if they can. After a day of tracking the soldiers through the sharp eyes of C’ael the party follows the track off the road to Fumeguard and out into the rolling plains.

As night begins to fall C’ael’s sharp eyes catch a glimpse of a fire coming form amongst a group of stones. Upon further examination the party discovers the band of soldiers at their camp. The girl is nowhere to be seen but crying can be heard from somewhere in the camp. C’ael successfully downs one of the guards with his first shot and so the battle begins.

Hrothbert, inflamed by the injustice of the girls kidnapping charges the nearest century, attacking with his lowly shiv. In a vain attempt to maintain surprise, Jack attempts to convince the soldiers that Hrothbert is nothing more then a disobedient slave. His attempts fail and a full fledged battle breaks out.

Crim successfully sneaks into the camp and locates the girl but has the fingers of his left hand broken as he peaks under the tent wall.

Soldiers fall like autumn leaves before the party and C’ael’s wolf familiar frightens off the soldiers horses. It is here we leave our party of brave adventurers. The battle to be won or lost in our next episode.


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