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Dwarfs were one of the major races in Trifourian before the arrival of man. They have long had disagreements with their elvish neighbors but have always managed to conduct trade regardless. This race once lived in the Northern mountains where they mined precious metals and gems from the earth before crafting them into wonderful works of art. At one time Dwarf Rune Smiths inscribed magic into items of great power. Living in the mountains was dangerous and dwarfs often came into conflict with dangerous creatures. It was help dealing with these creatures and the hope of trade that led dwarfs to first approach the humans when they arrived on the continent.

Upon seeing the wealth and power of the dwarfs, the king of Fumeguard, Umach Firebrand, coveted all they had. As the size of his army increased he began to plan an attack on the dwarfs. After inviting all the dwarven royalty to a celebration of friendship, Umach took them prisoner. At the same time, his army slipped into the dwarven strongholds and enslaved or killed as many dwarfs as they could. Battles raged for weeks, but without the leadership of their rulers the dwarf armies quickly fell to those of King Umach.

King Umach took over the dwarf capital of Fumeguard in the Northern Mountains and forced the best dwarf smiths to forge him a crown. Unbeknownst to him, one of the metal smiths was a powerful Rune Smith who inscribed spells into the crown designed to kill Umach. As the crown was placed on his head, King Umach felt his limbs freeze in place. He could not move! The dwarf smith stepped forward and exclaimed to all present that this was his revenge for his people and that they would take back what was theirs! Slowly the Umach’s paralysis sank into his heart and lungs, and when they failed he sank into death beyond the help of his own wizards.

Umach’s son, Rald, having witnessed his father’s death at the hands of magic began a crusade against all things magical. All those who practiced magic were hunted down and killed. Magical items were destroyed if possible and if not, they were thrown into the sea.

Today dwarfs labor as slaves mining for the Fumeguard Kings what once they controlled. They are not a broken race however. But serve their human masters constantly looking for a way to regain their power. Skilled dwarfs are sometimes allowed to work as craftsman for their human masters,creating valuable trade goods. The rest of the race work at physical labor, or in the mines where they struggle to survive.


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