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PC Template:

Little is known about this reclusive race. Before man came to Trifourian, Elves were a common sight and traded regularly with the dwarven kingdoms. It is thought that the elves, who were more cautious then the dwarves were hesitant to reveal themseves to the humans when they arrived. When they saw how the dwarven kingdoms were destroyed and the dwarfs enslaved, the elves vanished into their forests placing powerful enchantments as protection from intruders. To date, no human is known to have seen an elf in almost 100 years.

PC Notes:
Elves use the Elf Template as a starting point for character creation. If creating an elven magic user, be aware that they use the Syntactic magic system found on pg 202 of Magic rather then the normal magic system from the basic set. To use this system, purchase Magery as usual and then purchase individual nouns and verbs as IQ/Very Hard skills.

Because humans are not familiar with elves, elf characters must conceal their racial identity from all humans! To be discovered as an elf wold mean death or enslavement. This is represented by mandatory Enemies pg. 135 and Secret pg. 152 disadvantages from the Basic Set included in the Elf Template.


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