Game and Character Creation Info

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Basic Game Info:
This will be a custom GURPS 4ed fantasy campaign run biweekly on

Books Used:
1. Basic Set
2. Magic
3. Fantasy

Forms of Magic:
1. Symbol Magic was used heavily by dwarfs before the invasion of man, but is now mostly extinct in the world.
2. Alchemy is common in the Kingdom of Aram. Herb lore are common throughout the land.
3. Elves use Syntactic Magic pg.202 in Magic.
4. Humans and most dwarfs use the standard magic system.
5. Magic Items are extremely rare since they are hunted and destroyed by the men of Fumeguard.

There are no Psi abilities allowed at this time.

Character Creation Info: Please send me your character sheet as a .pdf file. I am on a MAC so can only read the .xps files from the character creator through google.
150 pts. -75 pt limit Disadvantages/quirks. All players should have a few disadvantages/quirks to help create lifelike characters.
Players may choose to be a Human, Elf, or Dwarf. For Elf or Dwarf see template info on individual race page.
Please email me your character sheet for review. I am open to many things as I finish building the world so feel free to ask if you have an idea!

Game and Character Creation Info

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