Kingdom of Aram

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In the southern plains the land is controlled by the scholarly wizards of the Kingdom of Aram. They arrived in Trifourian soon after their brethren hoping to study the secrets of the continents inhabitants, they were surprised by their predecessors crusade against magic and tensions continue to rise between the two realms and only the power of the wizards has averted war so far.

Aram is ruled by a council of human wizards who collectively make decisions from the capital city Stromsok. The council is very secretive but it is believed that they currently have five members. A university of magical studies, known as The University, exists in Aram and serves as a place for the storage and development of magical knowledge.

The people of Aram often have at least a little magical talent. Slavery is legal but far less common then in the Kingdom of Fumeguard. Many of the kingdoms citizens are traders as Aram controls the continents major sea port, the city Utvek.

Kingdom of Aram

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