Kingdom of Fumeguard

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To the North are the warrior kings who led the hosts that invaded the lands and enslaved the Dwarven race. Their kingdom is known as Fumeguard, where the capital city of the same name lies in the Northern mountains. This house views all magic as evil and has band it in their lands,since a Dwarven Rune Smith assassinated the first King of Fumeguard, King Umach, for enslaving his people. The ban on magic has caused a rift with the Kingdom of Aram.

The people of Fumeguard believe that all non-humans deserve to be enslaved and that magic is unnatural and should be destroyed. It is common for the people of this kingdom to own at least one slave if they are at the average level of income.

The first King of Fumeguard was King Umach the Firebrand, who led his people East a crossed the Arabastian Sea to Trifourian. Umach’s greed led him to enslave the dwarf nation and led to his death at the hands of an un-named dwarf Rune Smith.

Umach was succeeded by his son Rald Firebrand, who began a crusade against magic because he blamed magic for his father’s death. At his hands both human and dwarf wizard perished, along with countless magical items.

Rald’s legacy is a seething hatred of all things magical by the people of Fumeguard. This creates major tension with the neighboring Kingdom or Aram where magic is common and wizards hold sway.

Kingdom of Fumeguard

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