GURPS Fantasy: The World of Trifourian

Char's Journal Day 15

From my vantage point I could see things were going sour, quickly. I couldn’t understand the words, but I understand raised weapons. I prepared to exit my rodent form, when we heard rumbling in the distance. The elves wasted no time in packing their few valuables and scurrying out of the camp faster then anyone else realized what was happening. Arlin caught up to us and I climbed his shoulder to get a better look, when we saw a horde of some sort of reptiles rushing towards the Trading, and a small group coming for the camp we occupied. I reverted back to human form, surprising the elf, and we prepared for an attack. As we formed up, I noticed Douglas was nowhere to be found. I quickly prepared a fireball, while Cael notched an arrow and Arlin cast a spell. I was to busy to notice what he cast, but I later found it to be a form of grease, when the reptilians arrived.

As the creatures began to pour into the camp, Cael summoned a giant cat, the likes if which I’ve never seen. He loosed an arrow into one, and I hurled an explosive fireball, damaging a few. Arlin was unable to penetrate their armor, and had to switch tactics. Douglas arrived soon after the battle began, unaware of anything that was happening, but luckily he realized we were fighting for our lives, and dispatched the closest lizards. A couple more fireballs, and some blows from my companions, and the lizards were dead.

We emerged from the camp to see the remaining lizards fleeing the Trading, arms full of goods. We raced back to assist in whatever ways we could. One of the surviving dwarves offered to lead us to a Loremaster, which we accepted. Turns out the closest Loremaster was a Centaur, a creature that looks like a bad experiment involving horses and men.

We arrived at the Centaur village to find it ransacked, presumably by those lizards. Cael spotted some tracks which lead to a river. I teleported myself and Douglas across, only to be met by a hail of arrows. I was able to blink away, and Douglas managed to dodge. The others had hardly forded half the river when we heard “STOP!” and three Centaurs emerged from the woods. They asked us what we were doing here, and we calmly explained that we were searching for a Loremaster. One of the beasts grunted and a very old and obviously injured Centaur exited the woods. I knew this was our only chance to find out what we needed to know, so I rushed forward to help the… man? I assessed and healed his broken leg and he then offered us the information we sought- that we had to travel across a desert and speak with the Avariel. Probably another half-man half-goat half-monster. It was our only choice, so we made camp with the centaurs and set out in the morning…


JustinNelson RougeRogue

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