Canan Quinn'ael

Shortly called jus C'ael, is elven Shadow Warrior. Deadly stalker, blades combatant and precise marksman.

If you ran into C’ael on the road, you would probably think he’s just another woodsman, ranger, mercenary marksman or little bit of all these three. He is about average tall, not skinny, but not very robust-build either. Walks with obvious confience and cat’s grace. His worn-off green-brownish long cloak have seen better days already. Hood of this cloak covers his hair and keeps almost whole C’aels face in shade. For some reason he has a dark red scarf wraped around his mouth and neck, showing only preceptive ice-blue eyes. His padded leather vest used to be dyed black (or dark bue mayebe?), now it has very unnameable greyish color, similar as his tall “strider” boots, both of which bear residual track of some decorative embroidery. Even thou it looks old and used, all his clothes are in a good shape and probably well maintained. C’ael carries a long bow over his shoulder accompanied with a thick leather quiver which is filled up with two dozens of black-shafted arrows. Longsword with a simple bone handle hanging on his hip completes the image of archetypical ranger or marksman.

C’ael would probably acknowledge your greetings in low (almost silent) melodic voice and passed around you following his own direction.

If … you followed C’ael to his campfire … unnoticed … you would probably get a chance to see him taking the hood and scarf off, giving you a view on a black hair with a hint of a blue shine, braided into a long thick braid falling from top of his head. Just a few loose strands of hair fall down into his eyes and around the face. C’ael has very exotic facial features out of which the pointed ears and almond shaped eyes would be the most attracting… And that would be probably the last thing you saw in your life, before an arrow with a black shaft burrowed through your forehead deep into your skull…

Canan Quinn'ael

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