Crim Veriol

5'11" Attractive looking male.


ST 11 DX 13 IQ 11 HT 11
HP 11 Will 11 Per 12 FP 11
Basic Lift 24 Basic Speed 6 Basic Move 6 Damage: Thr 1d-1 Sw 1d+1
Encumbrance (0) 24 Parry: 10 (Brawling) Block: 8 (DX) DR: 2*
Reaction Modifiers: Appearance 1/1

Apperance (Attractive)
Charisma 1
Combat Reflexes
Photographic Memory
Social Chameleon
Alcohol Tolerance

Lecherousness (9 or less)
Nightmares (12 or less)
Overconfidence (12 or less)
Phantom Voices (Annoying)
Weirdness Magnet
Broad Minded

Acting 11 IQ+0
Body Language (Human) 11 Per-1
Brawling 13 DX+0
Connoisseur (Wine) 10 IQ-1
Detect Lies 11 Per-1
Diplomacy 11 IQ+0
Disguise/TL3 (Human) 12 IQ+1
Escape 11 DX-2
Fast-Draw (Sword) 14 DX+1
Fast Talk 12 IQ+1
Filch 13 DX+0
First Aid/TL3 (Human) 11 IQ+0
Forgery/TL3 11 IQ+0
Gambling 10 IQ-1
Garrote 14 DX+1
Holdout 11 IQ+0
Interrogation 11 IQ+0
Intimidation 11 Will+0
Knife 13 DX+0
Lockpicking/TL3 13 DX+0
Observation 11 Per-1
Pickpocket 13 DX+0
Rapier 13 DX+0
Sex Appeal 11 HT+0
Shadowing 10 IQ-1
Sleight of Hand 11 DX-2
Stealth 14 DX+1
Streetwise 10 IQ-1
Traps 10 IQ-1

Wearing Leather Armor Suit.
Carrying Rapier and Knife.


Crim was born28 years ago. He never got the chance to meet his mother. His father, Drakkim Veriol always told him she died in childbirth. The Veriol family was part of the unfortunate second class citizens on the Kingdom of Aram, non-magic users. While not openly persecuted, one has to have some mastery of magic to become a man of importance in Aram and the Veriol family could never quit manage to pick up magery. But Drakkim always told Crim this one thing…“Son words are a magic all their own.”

Drakkim was a conman earning his living from the gullible and the just plain stupid. He preferred to target nobles but was not above conning the local peasantry. Crim began working with his father at the age of 6 acting as a lookout one of the times Drakkim had to resort to “less cultured” stealing, also known as breaking and entering. Drakkim had taught himself to be a rather proficient burglar over the years before becoming a confidence man and still used the skills on occasions when no rube was available and his son needed a meal.

On turning 13 Crim was taken into apprenticeship on the fine art of stealing from someone while they are smiling at you. Also feeling it needed, Crim was taught the art of pick pocketing, stealing while in the open, and of course picking locks. How to talk people into doing what you wanted was the real prize of the training. Drakkim covered everything from using fear to the most honeyed words, teaching his son to disguise himself when needed and to act the part well. To supplement the acting, his father also taught him to forge many important documents from rights of lineage to writs of nobility.

In the business of lying though you sometimes meet a better liar. Drakkim and Crim were caught by a group of revolutionaries, known as the People of Frid who wanted to topple the two human kingdoms and bring about a utopia wherein everyone was equal no matter your race or creed. The man who caught them was Gailin Blackfire, a mage of little renown. The conmen had been posing as weapon dealers willing to to sell the People of Frid a small fortune worth of arms and armaments. Drakkim had found a small cache not long ago in a warehouse and was going to sell it as the owner. Gailin though figured out the ploy when he sent one of his servants to beguile Crim. Crim had always had a soft spot for beautiful women and this time was no exception. He ended up revealing the plan and many other exploits his father and he had pulled off in an attempt to impress her. Gailin though was a man who saw opportunity when it bloomed and asked Drakkim and Crim to work for them as spies in the Kingdom of Aram or else they would reveal the truth to their previous clients.

Crim joined on hearing the ideals of the group thinking that all should be equal no matter their magical talent, although he could care less for the dwarves and their plight. Drakkim joined him because he valued the life of his son and was sent to Stromsok to work as a diplomat’s aid in the capital. Cailin had his personal spymaster Rilina Shar, the woman that had tricked Crim, tutor the boy on the finer arts of being a spy instead of a conman. She taught him how to extract information from a target using any means needed whether they be interrogation, torture, or even just a bit of good lying. She also taught Crim how to defend himself using a rapier and how to garrote a man.

During his training Crim started to have horrible nightmares. They would consist of nearly anything but they would usually involve a middle aged woman crying either at the beginning or the end. These nightmares were always vivid and detailed and had a tendency to stick with him after waking up. After a few months of the nightmares he started to hear the occasional whisper in his head. At first he thought it nothing but over time he would occasionally have an episode where he would swear a middle aged woman was begging him to stop and come home. Sometimes there would be an angry voice shouting in his mind telling him that everyone around him was just trying to use him and control his actions. The voices never overcame Crim, but they could become a great distraction when they started speaking in his mind.

Near the end of his training, Crim started to notice an increase in odd events happening involving him. His boots would end up with a family of spiders living in them in the morning. One day he dropped his training rapier and it rolled,tripping everyone else who was training. The day the roof caved in at the tavern he was eating at because someone through a rock on the roof, which proceeded to knock out someone who was in the process of picking his pocket, was another example. These events happened infrequently but it always ended up being strange overall.

Crim had finished his training and was sent to the northern kingdom acting as the apprentice to a merchant whom was part of the conspiracy to unify the kingdoms. As lick would have it, as they were crossing a bridge over a flowing river Crim stepped on a weak section. He winced as he heard the sickening crack of the bridge giving way underneath him and he was swept away. Looking back, Crim saw a horrible sight. The caravan he was a part of had burst into flames and there were armed men advancing on the bridge from both sides cutting down all in their way. Going under for what he thought was the last tine, Crim passed out.

He awoke on the northern side of the river and started heading in the direction he thought the bridge to be, hopeful he could find out what had happened to his caravan. On finding the remains of the bridge, Crim found nothing but charred corpses and some smoldering wagons. “This is lucky,” Crim thought. “I can start anew now.” Smirking he scavenged what little he could find and started heading North.

Crim Veriol

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