Lambert "Char" Charmont

Lambert, who goes by Char is a powerful Mage.


Char is on the short side, average build. He wears simple earth-tone robes and carries a seemingly ordinary walking stick.

Lambert Charmont was born in Stromsok to a Mage couple. As such he was brought up very strictly, with all his time and attention put towards his Magical studies. His parents always made it clear that he would one day administrate The University. However, by the time he was set to take on his duties, the University had become very bureaucratic, with the “Head Administrator” being little more than a figurehead, a position of Respect for the family which founded it.

Lambert earned his nickname, Char during his first lesson in the College of Fire. His magical ability was largely unknown at the time, it being a beginner’s class. Immediately after receiving instruction, Char was the first to light a fire, which quickly escalated out of control, singing his hair, clothing, and charring his desk and the floor. From that time on, Char has been fascinated with fire. He doesn’t miss an opportunity to light a fire, or even shape one to his liking. His other obsession is food. If food is present, Char will be eating it. If it is not to his liking, he will season it himself and adjust until he is satisfied.

After he married, Char sired two children, a son and a daughter. His daughter disappeared at age 16 while visiting an old teacher. She is believed to be dead. His son, Jack has shown potential to be a formidable Mage but always spends his time on other things.

One day Jack left for a small village without explanation. After tracking him down, and finding out that he had been “adventuring” as he called it. After a strong scolding, he sent Jack back home and decided to see what his so called “friends”, headed to his home city, were up to…

Lambert "Char" Charmont

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